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Connie Norman

Emergency Solo Show!! Letters in Clay

Art Design and Dine058

Yesterday was the premier of Art, Design and Dine, in Cheyenne.  My friend Architect Glen Garrett, (a huge art supporter), became a sponsor of the new event.   Glen has made his architect studio-office into a gallery for local artists.  But he didn’t realize Art, Design and Dine was a gallery walk until the two days before the event.  He emailed Wednesday me asking if I could bring 11 to 12 pieces to the gallery on Thursday, for the gallery walk on Friday.  I ran down dropped off a bunch of artwork.  Glen works really fast here called Sign Pro had them throw up vinyl lettering and set up the show.  I wondered how things were going to look because he didn’t have enough pedestals.  He made great hangers for the bowls hung them on the wall.  For such a quick show it really looked nice.  Here are some pictures.  Thanks Glen for all your hard work!!

Vander pointing at vessel.

Vander and his Daddy!!

Glen Garrett The Architect

 Letters in Clay

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One Response to “Emergency Solo Show!! Letters in Clay”

  1. jim Says:

    congrats on the show connie… in a way, i’d almost prefer shows went down that way. someone calls you on a wednesday, you have the pieces and it’s a done deal by friday. it looks like mr. garrett did a good job and it’s nice to see vander checking out his mom’s pieces. good luck with sales