Connie Norman
Connie Norman

Michael Wisner workshop @ Laramie County Community College

It’s been a crazy and fun week.  I’m trying to catch up on some blogging.  And we are still having computer problems.  I’ll be glad when they are all resolved.

Last week Michael Wisner came to Cheyenne to give a workshop.  He makes absolutely beautiful ceramics.  I meet him years ago, Anderson Ranch Art Center in Snowmass.  His workshop was a two day intensive workshop about Mata Ortiz pottery and Michael’s contemporary southwestern pottery techniques.

Here he is showing us how to use bisque molds to coil build in the Juan Quezada – Mata Ortiz style.

Michael makes his patterns from hack saw blades that have been shaped into a pattern.  Of course Michael makes it looks so easy.  I can tell you from experience, there is nothing easy about making this pattern.  When I brought my pot home, my husband’s comment was, “Yours doesn’t quite look like Michaels.”  If you notice here, my coil pot is not pictured here.

Michael makes his own brushes from hair.  The brushes he makes draws incredible lines.  In this picture he is cutting some hair from the back fo her neck.  I didn’t realize I would be getting a new hair cut in this workshop.  ha ha.

The second day we fired our peices.  We rakued them in the eletric kiln which was super exicting.  Here are some pictures of me lifting the lid, while the kiln is at 1500 degrees.  A pyromaniacs dream!!

It was a great workshop.  If you ever have the opportunity to take a workshop from Michael, I know you’ll learn tons and have a wonderful time.

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