Connie Norman
Connie Norman

I’m so Lucky!!!

This is one of my favorite sayings for my bowls.  I truly feel that I am so lucky and so thankful for all the amazing family that I am a part of.  I thought it would be nice to share some “Luck”.    All you have to do to win this Lucky bowl is, write a comment on my blog about how lucky or thankful you are.  I’m a little nervous, I hope someone out there wants a gift from me.  I will pick Monday the 26th.  Don’t forget to include your email. 


Also, go to Facebook and “like” my page, (Connie Norman Ceramics) it would be great to get up to 900 followers.  I’m at 828 now.  I never believed that I could have that many followers.  When I started FB ceramics page I thought I would only have my friends and family “like” my page.

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31 Responses to “I’m so Lucky!!!”

  1. Linda Fuller Says:

    I am so lucky to see the growth of your artistry and families: art and personal. I am loving your work and wish my Todd would catch a clue and order a bowl for me! It will happen! Good luck with the continued awareness and following of your fantastic contributions to the art world!

  2. Judy Shreve Says:

    Connie — I feel lucky you want to give a bowl away — lol! I too am blessed with such a great family — I have one adopted son as well. He’s 19 now – I’m a little ahead of you, but love reading your blog about your clay journey & your family– and the interviews. I already ‘like’ your fb page – good luck getting not just to 900 — but to 1000!!

  3. Amy Says:

    As a largely self-taught (and community-ed-taught) potter, I’m so lucky to have a great ceramics community both locally and all over the world, in the form of bloggers who love to share their expertise and inspiration. Thank you!

  4. Laurie Erdman Says:

    Connie, What a beautiful bowl. And a wonderful blog. I am incredibly lucky because eight years ago I discovered that my artistic passion and talent lies in clay. What a wonderful discovery because clay has taught me many life lessons – be patient, detach from results, listen, etc. Clay has also sustained me through my diagnosis with multiple sclerosis. When ever I’m fearful about the future, I go to the studio. From the moment I touch the clay, I know everything will be alright. It’s better than any drug. I’m thankful every day for becoming a clay addict.

  5. Todd Goudreault Says:

    I am Lucky I am a live and able to design I could go into this in detail but I have some shame with expressing myself in this type of manner and I really lack the skills to write it in words . Since 2007 when I lost my leg to an infection I have spent my days designing for my creative friends Painters, Potters and Illustrators . I have enjoyed helping my creative friends with marketing and branding . I love ART and artist and their commitment to making beauty in the world . Best to U going way over 900 – Todd

  6. Paulette Says:

    I am soooo lucky! Great family, great friends, and I am always finding myself in great situations. I am able to see beautiful or funny things in most situations. WOW I am glad to be me.

  7. Linda Starr Says:

    Another great post, and bowl, Connie. I am lucky every day, to be alive, to be challenged, to have a great husband, to have found clay, and to have found blogging to meet virtually and learn from all the potters in the world.

  8. Melanie Says:

    I feel very lucky that I am able to sleep good at night and get up every morning and go to work I really love doing. I am lucky in that I finally found out what I want to do with my life and I VERY am lucky that my kids are almost out of their teenage years and onto the great adventure of finding themselves and searching for what they want to do with their lifes ;-)

  9. Penny Says:

    I cannot list everything that makes me lucky, there isn’t enough space. With one exception, my best freind and potter Judy who is surviving breast cancer, through her I have learned what is important, strength and courage. So, I am lucky to be her freind.

  10. Maura Jacobsen Says:

    Sometimes it’s not until someone’s luck runs out that you sit back and realize how truely lucky one can be! So…Thanks for all the things you do…the big things and the little too. Your in my heart and mind each day…for I cherish the minutes we spend in the bond we call…friend. Maura

  11. Julie Says:

    I am thankful for my life, my health and the ability to work and create.

  12. Mikella Renee Lane Says:

    I am humbled after reading all of the “lucky” friends you have Connie. Humbled because I don’t feel worthy of the gift that you are offering. I have to post though, because you have given me a chance to say that I am lucky, that my prayers have been answered and my Grandson is now a Healthy normal child and is out learning to ride his bike, and playing with other children for the first time in his 4 yrs of life, without us worrying if the child next to him will get him sick or he might end up back in the Hospital again. IF I am lucky enough to receive your gift, it will be our reminder of how lucky we are.

  13. Elise Says:

    I love this – bot the beautiful piece and these comments. I have not one, but two jobs I love. I am a bridge between people and art, as a teacher and a gallery worker. I love art, I love what I do and I am so lucky to be able to support myself with my passion!

  14. ellen Says:

    I am so lucky I get scared. Uh oh, something bad is coming! very Irish, I hear

  15. Sarah Regan Snavely Says:

    I’m so lucky for my friends and family and for the ton of clay in my studio!

  16. Trudy Fuller Says:

    Connie, I am so thankful for my sister Jan finding her son Todd so that you are my family now also.
    Your creative touches to both your artwork and your family have blessed me. I LOVE your colors design and the way you incorporate the words into your work. I feel lucky to watch your journey!!
    Love you, Aunt Trudy

  17. Annie Gauthier Says:

    What a generous offer from a wonderful potter! I so enjoy your blogs and your interviews with the other ceramic artists. I wake up every morning feeling like the luckiest woman alive. I recently left a bad situation and now am in a marvolous place in life. I have a home where I can create my art at any hour of the day or night. A safe place for me and my dogs to enjoy all the pleasures of life. Great family, friends and a special someone. I am so thankful for them, because for a time they were not there always there and life was so difficult then. However with my family and friends support one can do anything! What more could a girl ask for?-well your wonderful platter would be one thing that I could think of! and a new kiln too dang it

  18. lucy fagella Says:

    Reading all the comments brings tears to my eyes… sometimes we forget how lucky we are. By you asking us to write, is reminding us. When I verbalize it, it helps me actualize it for the day, and bring that positive energy into my work and interactions for the day.
    So here goes… I am thankful… grateful, for two strong healthy sons, a loving partner, and having a job that I love. I walk into my studio everyday and create, and help others to create with clay. I always hope that my feeling of gratefulness for what I do comes through in my work. I hope I help others to find joy when they use my pots, or create their own pots in my classes.
    Keeping the positive energy flowing… ah, just makes life so much better for all of us! Thanks Connie!

  19. Ann Says:

    I’m lucky too! Good job, good friends + time and space to make art!

  20. Barb Says:

    I am so lucky that about 13 years ago YOU taught me how to mix my own glazes (or at least taught me the importance of straining a pre-mixed powder glaze!!). HaHa, our paths met in Laramie via a beginning pottery community ed class (but I don’t think you were teaching it!!!). Clueless where this first touch of clay would lead me

  21. Barb Says:

    At the time you had just returned from China and were making jewelry…not pots!! I now teach pottery at Colorado Northwestern Community College in Craig, have my own pottery studio (yeah, gas kiln!!) in the beginning stages of building a soda kiln with a friend. I am so lucky that YOU took the time to share some knowledge with me and I bet you don’t even remember me!!! THank you for being you!!!

  22. Emily in Japan Says:

    The older I get, the more grateful I become for my life, my family, and my husband. I used to think it was just my great taste, maturity, and discernment that got me where I am. Nope. Dumb luck. If I win your beautiful bowl, I’ll know to head straight to Vegas because I’ll be on FIRE!

  23. Jim Turban Says:

    I am lucky due to the fact that I am content and at peace with the path my life is and has been on for the last few years. Luck……Karma…….Fate has been kind to me and I do my best to pay it forward in my interactions with others. I love the spontaneity in what I create and as “luck” may have it the results are satisfying.

  24. Inga in Iceland Says:

    About 35 years ago I really wantend very much to go to art school , but I met my husband and we started a family, so I thought to my self that I would postpone my art studdies, unil later, and I did until about 10-15 years ago I found time to go to night school and later I applied for GSA in Glasgow , I was wery lucy and got accepted. So now when I have graduated I feel so lucy to have been able to fullfill my dream of so long time ago, as noting is granted to us for free , we really have to work for all that we wan’t to do in life. So I am now working with ceramics and I paint as well, and having 3 grown up children and 6 grandchildren, but apart from my art, I think that is my welth in life- my family. AND I feel very lucy and welthy .
    I have olready become a amirer of your Facebook page so I can’t clik on it again.
    All the best and I really enjoy to follow your blog side and have a look at your lovely work now and then.
    good luck and all the best from Inga in Iceland.

  25. Beth Says:

    I’m lucky – or blessed – in so many ways in my life! But July 26th is my birthday so I’d be doubly lucky if I won your bowl!

  26. Stephen Says:

    I am so lucky and thankful that when I wake up every morning my family and friends are lending their support in all of my endeavors. If I am real lucky, there will be an update from Connie Norman Ceramics.

  27. jim Says:

    damn, i guess i missed the contest… it’s a great idea and a lovely bowl. lucky i am though… my job is to play with clay and i guess you already know how much fun that can be and my little bug, i can’t begin to tell you.

  28. faro Says:

    wow. i would be so lucky. hope it’s not too late. i am lucky to also live a life with clay and have a kid and partner who are supportive & understanding!

  29. Jen Says:

    I think I missed the contest as well! Regardless – My husband and I always tell each other how lucky we are to have each other. But truely I went through a divorce several years ago and was not crazy about getting back into a relationshiop until I met my husband. He gave me support and encouragment to continue my dreams; the best friend everyone should have. I’m blessed everyday for having him in my life!

  30. cindy shake Says:

    lucky in life & love!

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