Connie Norman
Connie Norman

Summer Time Fun with Ethiopians, Japanese and Americans!! Now that’s one strange family!!

Van in ukataHere is Van getting fitted in a yukata, which is a Japanese summer garment.

I know I am so late posting our summer adventures, as I write this I am watching it snow. 

This summer my relatives from Japan, my Aunt, Uncle and their daughter Yuki came out for a visit.    

  Yuki has been staying  us for the last three summers to improve her English.  This summer her parents came out for two weeks and Yuki stayed for a month. 

yuki's camera 056 

This year they came out the last week of July, and if you live in Wyoming that means Frontier Days, The Daddy of ‘Em All!!  We spent many days with lots of Cowboys and Indians!! 

frontier days

It was Frontier Days, so we saw tons and tons of rodeo!!


Then Yuki got to experience an American tradition a wedding, our friends Chad and Alaina .

yuki rafting summer 2010 122 

Of course we took Yuki rafting!!  Here we are rafting from Pumphouse to State Bridge on the upper Colorado River.

yuki rafting summer 2010 159

yuki rafting summer 2010 161 

yuki's camera 488

yuki rafting summer 2010 154

yuki rafting summer 2010 157

Then it started raining and the wind came!

yuki rafting summer 2010 174

Under the rain tarp.

yuki rafting summer 2010 178

Back at home! Yuki got to learn a couple more American traditions, teenagers mow the lawn and learn how to drive.

mowing and driving

We went to Casper, so I could participate in the What’s in Your Business Tool Kit? A Symposium on the Nuts and Bolts of Managing an Artistic Career at the Nicolaysen Art Museum. The workshop focused on how artists can utilize business and creative skills to enhance their visibility and profitability.  I talked about developing your portfolio, to submit to galleries and social networking.   Yuki took these pictures on the sly.  Poor Yuki had to sit through two days of talks and lectures before we could go and do fun stuff.

yuki's camera 610

yuki's camera 611

Some Western fun while we were in Casper, WYO.

We happened upon a Mountain Man Rendezvous, which we both really enjoyed; I had a fantastic time learning about Civil War surgery techniques. It’s gruesome.  Then we went to Independence Rock.  During Westward expansion emigrants carved their names in it as they passed by.  Before heading for home we stopped at the Mormon Handcart Museum in Martin’s Cove. The museum has these handcarts you can check out and pull from building to building, as you’re looking at all the historical exhibitions. Or if you have lots of energy you can check out the handcart and pull it up to Martin’s Cove, which is a couple of miles away. Needless to say we didn’t do that. If you don’t know the Martin’s Cove tale it’s an interesting story about Mormon westward emmigration.  Nearly one-fourth of the 576 members of the Martin Company died before the company finally arrived in Salt Lake City.



Before Yuki went back to Japan, we had to go to the Denver Art Museum.  We went to see go the King Tut exhibit but we weren’t allowed to take pictures. 


yuki rafting summer 2010 282

Here is Yuki and Rok by the Big Sweep by Coosje van Bruggen and Claes Oldenburg.

yuki rafting summer 2010 305

Sandy Skoglund

yuki rafting summer 2010 354

Don Stinson

yuki rafting summer 2010 377


Finally some ceramics!!!

During the month Yuki visited us she did find the time to work in my studio.  Here are some of the things she made.  Every year I forget how talented she is, and we leave working in the studio to the last the last minute.  Next year, we should stay put and just make stuff!!!  She really is super talented!! 

2010 019

2010 017 

2010 020

2010 021

2010 012

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