Connie Norman
Connie Norman

Second helping of SPAM: An update of sorts.

I am very grateful to Kelly Curtis, my website designer, coming to my rescue all the time.  I’ve learned heaps since I’ve started my blog, but still need her help. My first blogging attempts Kelly had to give me many tutorials through email, to get a post on the blog.  I don’t think I’ve asked for help in almost a year, maybe even longer, until the whole SPAM explosion.  Now what I’ve learned is the spammers were hitting the images with comments.  I’ve had Askimet on my blog since the beginning, which I knew.  (Thank you to all the emails I received about Askimet, I put them on my comments for other bloggers, if they ever needed the information.)  Since Kelly worked on my blog, I haven’t received any SPAM.  It’s been great!  Thanks Kelly for all the incredible work you do!!

2 Responses to “Second helping of SPAM: An update of sorts.”

  1. ang Says:

    it is rather irritating to have spam imposed on us, I tried going capcha free for a while to make it easier for peep to leave a comment but it didnt take long for the trash to pile up…so glad you have it sorted now :) ) love the images!

  2. lucy fagella Says:

    Thanks for the info. and the fun photo’s! I’ve been using wordpress for my blog and thankfully they protect me.
    I’m loving the look of your website/blog. Kelly does really nice work!