Connie Norman
Connie Norman

The ABC’s of Ceramics

I’ve always wanted to do a couple of blog posts about the pots I own, but didn’t know quite how to go about doing this…  Well, I’ve come up with an idea; a few weeks ago I was catching up on (Mud)Bucket and was enjoying looking at all the mugs Jesse Lu has collected over last year.  I was thinking what a great idea I want to buy a mug every month and share them on my blog.  Then I looked at how many I already have, I can’t neglect them.  Well, I forgot about the idea for a couple of days, then I was playing with my son and we were putting together an alphabet puzzle, and I was helping him by saying, A is for alligator, B is for bear, …. I is for igloo, J is for Juggler, I looked up and saw my Christa Assad cream and sugar set, and I thought A is for Assad.   I grabbed a sheet of paper and started writing down the names of all the potters in my house.  And I thought I can do this, I can do the ABC’s of Ceramics according to me.  I initially thought I’ll set up my photo tent and start taking pictures of my pots.  Well, I wasn’t really excited about this idea, when I take photos of my stuff, I clean my studio so clay doesn’t get all over my tent, I’m not very good with taking images, and I thought taking those types of images might come across the wrong way.  I thought the pictures I take for my new ABC’s of ceramics blog series has to be fun for me and hopefully for anyone who chooses to read my blog. 

I started this idea about three weeks ago, taking pictures, but still I wasn’t getting the right feel for what I had in mind.  I kept thinking I want to make this fun, I’m only on A and this isn’t fun for me. 

I set up a couple of rules for myself; 

1.       I can’t stress about the photos.

2.       I have to have fun.

3.       The photos shouldn’t take themselves too seriously.

Yesterday, I was playing with some of the apps on my phone, and BANG, the idea for my alphabet post was finished mulling around in my head.  I would take all the images for my new series, with my phone using some of the funky apps I have. 

So without further adieu… Here is my first of twenty six posts…..

A is for Christa Assad.

A is for Annie Chrietzberg.

A is for Albion Stafford.

A is for Jesse Armstrong.

Some of these guys I met a while ago and they are changed their style a lot since I have acquired these pots.  Christa Assad I met at Anderson ranch, and she bought a handmade book I made while I was there about ironing.   Albion was the one of the residents at Carbondale Clay Center.  I was taking classes  so I could have studio space, he was really great to get to know.  Annie Chrietzberg did an interview on my blog.  My husband bought the pots from Jesse Armstrong while he was a resident at Anderson Ranch. 

I have no idea how long this will take me to get through the entire alphabet, but I’m looking forward to doing it.

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4 Responses to “The ABC’s of Ceramics”

  1. Annie Gauthier Says:

    LOVE THIS IDEA!!!! can’t wait to see them all! I have an Annie mug quite simular-LOVE IT!!!!

  2. Christa Assad Says:

    wow, Connie – thanks! i still have that gorgeous book, too! gotta love Anderson Ranch – and Carbondale Clay – the Rockies are a great place to play in the mud!

  3. Connie Says:

    Hi Christa, wow I can’t believe you still have my little book. I’m glad you got to see the post with your lovely cream and sugar.

  4. Connie Says:

    Annie, I love that mug. They are huge.