Connie Norman
Connie Norman

Shalene Valenzuela’s Workshop

Shalene’s workshop at Plinth Gallery was first-rate.  She shared tons of very cool printing techniques.  And I loved her slide show; I really enjoyed seeing images from her past to explain why she makes what she does.  Also it was great to see her show, I wish I could make it to Denver more often to see art, but alas I do live in the cultural Mecca of Cheyenne.  (ha ha)

Thanks Shalene for sharing with us.  It was great time.  Thank you Jonathan for putting on the workshops and the delicious food brought to us from Fuel Cafe.

Here is the workshop in pictures.

After the demo.

After she finished the flask.


Here are some of the things we made.

This hammer, I am proud to say will be coming to live with us some time soon.

Here is the class, with Joshua Green making a special appearance.

Here are some of the artists represented by Plinth.

Peter Saenger

Courtney Murphy

Shelia Hrasky (Check out her interview here.)

Lisa Pedolsky (Read her interview here.)

And here is my work!

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  1. ang Says:

    that looks like a great wkshop! and such cool imagery too