Connie Norman
Connie Norman

Back By Popular Demand – The ABC’s of Ceramics!

The Letter of The Day: F

F is for Kathryn Finnerty.

F is for my Fish Pot.

I really meant to keep on my ABC’s of pottery, but I got really busy last year, and drop the ball on it.  Plus my fish pot is really very large and thin, and I just didn’t want to take it anywhere to photograph it.  So it really hung me up, on my very silly project.  So I finally decided to just take a lame picture of it on our deck, so I could move on. 

But I really tried to make up for it, with the way I photographed my Kathryn Finnerty’s flower vessel.  Running around with the flower vase also gave me pause, but I really wanted to get a cool photograph after my lame deck fish pot picture.  My son and I went to the park with bread and he was throwing bread to the ducks while I was lying on ground trying to take this picture, with ducks all around us.  There were times when the ducks were trying to get in between me and the vase.  I’m trying to shoo them away to take a picture.  I’m sure if anyone saw us, that many questions were raised over my sanity.  In fact I wouldn’t be surprised how many of my readers will question if I am lucid or not as well.  My husband really thinks I’m crazy looking for “creative” ways to take pictures of my pottery.   I may be a little touched, and I’m just in denial. 

 I don’t know anything about my big fish pot.  Except it is pit fired with terra sigillata.  It was given to us for a wedding gift, 15 years ago.  It is beautiful pot; it’s one of the bigger pots I own other than the ones I make. 


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