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A Visit To Plinth Gallery

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

Last Monday, Memorial Day I drove down to Denver to deliver some work to Plinth Gallery.  This Friday (June 4) is the opening of Jen Allen’s show (see her interview below) and the third anniversary of the gallery.  For the festivities Jonathan Kaplan, Plinth’s owner asked if I would bring a few pieces down for the celebration.  I’m delighted to have work as part of the birthday, and thrilled to be having a show at Plinth in the fall of 2011!!!



may 2010 080

Here is Jonathan in the back room of the gallery with my work.  If you’re following the interviews Jonathan was interviewed on my blog in February.  If you missed his interview click here.

Saturday was a big delivery day, Laura from DIA (Denver International Airport) met me at Plinth to pick up the rest of the commission.  It felt really good to get it finished and delivered.  It was a lot of late nights making pots for them.  (I will post images of the pots in the next post.)  They will be on display in the offices of DIA, until they are given to Mayor Hickenlooper and the Denver City Council in July.  I’ve been told that they will send pictures of the event.  I’ll post them on the blog when I get them.

may 2010 079

Another view of the back room of the gallery and Jonathan.  I love the built in shelving for the mugs and cups, a potter’s dream.  Plinth is the only gallery dedicated solely to ceramics in the Denver and Front Range region of Colorado.  It is  located in the River North Art District (Rino), which is Denver’s new and fast growing art area.


may 2010 082

may 2010 083

may 2010 081

A view of a very small part of Hayne Bayless’  show and work, and the front of gallery.  Also a few pots made by Lisa Pedolsky, who is going to have an interview on the blog soon.

may 2010 086

I wanted to get more pictures of the gallery, but these guys were waiting soooooo patiently to go to the Denver Zoo.  I was rushed with the pictures.   We had a great day at the zoo, with my friend Sherry and her kids.  It was so fun to watch the kids discover the animals.  And I got to use my new found knowledge of exotic animals, from my extensive studies of  Go Diego Go, The Wonder Pets, and Dora the Explorer.

Third Eye Art Consulting

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

I am excited to report that I am now represented by Third Eye Art Consulting.   Carla Dillman, the owner, works with individuals and businesses, sourcing all media types including fine art prints, paintings, sculpture, fine furnishings, decor and site-specific architectural art. 

Check out Third Eye’s webiste here and my artist page here. 

Wyoming State High School Art Symposium

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

Symposuim at the Casper Event Center This year I was able to take my students the Wyoming State High School Art Symposium, this is the first time in five years I was able to take my kids.  In the past I was the Congressional Art Award Chairman for the state and had to ask my dear co-workers to my students.  

The Wyoming State Art Symposium, in its 42 year, is the largest of its kind in the United States and takes place at the Casper Events Center.  It’s a three day event for High School students; we take the ninth graders who are in third year art classes up for the day. Setting up

The Symposium features 4,000 pieces of student art by 1,500 high school art students from 48 high schools. Every high school in the state sends students and artwork.  No other state dreams of doing what we do.  It’s more like an athletic event, the students can’t put up their artwork until a designated time, and then it’s all out chaos.  Space is first-come, first served. The students are told to find a bright space as close to eye level as possible — but every other art teacher tells their students to do the same.  Just imagine a bunch of teenager, starting the Boston marathon, but in this scenario they are scrambling around the event center clutching artwork.   Then two and half days later it all comes down, in almost the same manner, as a teacher you hope you’re bring everything home with you.  Etch a Sketch competition

Students will get to participate in organized art competitions, workshops and demonstrations throughout the weekend.   Also, seniors interview with colleges and compete for scholarships, go to workshops about how to present their portfolios.  There is also a huge banquet for all the students, and a dance.  The kids get many opportunities to meet other students from around the state, and have a great time. 

For the five years I ran the Congressional Art Award for Wyoming, so Idd3f9208-282f-5da8-8c70-f3f0407a6daf_image was at Symposium for the entire time.  I worked with the Representatives office and the Symposium committee.  I asked three art professionals to be jurors, to pick 25 pieces of two-dimensional artwork, out of the 4000 submitted, and then the Wyoming Representative, with the jurors picked one artwork to go to Washington D.C. to represent the best of Wyoming’s art students. 

Although I missed doing it this year, I was glad not to be away from my son, Vander. 

 symposuim 019

 symposuim 009

Auction Time

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

I’ve donated this bowl to Anderson Ranch Art Center for their 30th Annual Art Auction to held on Saturday August 14.  More than 200 works of art will be auctioned live and silently.  My bowl is one of the silent ones.  I thrilled to be in the same show as Cindy Sherman, Damien Hirst, and Adam Fuss.  (Can I say that?  Even those these guys are in the live auction and I’m in the silent auction, that I’m in a show with them?)  You can preview the works starting August 3, in the galleries there at AR.  ….Soooo, if you are in Snowmass, Colorado stop in and see some amazing artwork.

The money raised goes toward the educational programs at the Ranch.  If you haven’t been to Anderson Ranch is well worth your time and money.  I love it there.  I’ve taken many workshops and taught a few kids workshops there.  The Ranch has been so generous to me, and given me many scholarships, and I’ve learned so much there.  I’m so pleased that I can give back to them.

I have also donated a small bowl to The Nicolaysen Art Museum and Discovery Center to their fund raising event, Sensational Small Stuff Invitational, April 15-April 23.   The Nic’s show all works have to be approximately 5” x 7”.  It’s a fun show and always great to see what gets donated.  Auction night is April 23, make your way over to Casper, Wyoming and buy some Sensational Small Stuff.

Let’s Table This @ The American Museum of Ceramic Art

Monday, January 11th, 2010

Let's Table This: AMOCA

Let’s Table This:

A Survey of Tabletop Vessels from AMOCA’s Permanet Collection

January 23 – April 24, 2010

I just found out one of my bowls is going to be included into this show!  It’s the first time that I’ve had one pieces in a ceramics museum and part of a permanent collection and I feel so happy about it**giddy happy**jump up and down** happy. Ok, you get the picture.

Here’s the story:

AMOCA presents for the first time a full scale exhibition highlighting a selection of the permanent collection.  This collection survey’s the c domestic space of the dining table and features nearly 150 functional ceramics works drawn from AMOCA’s 1,000 piece collection.  Each piece selected in this landscape of tableware is called upon to fulfill its purpose of serviceability, hospitality, visual interest, and tactile pleasure.

Elegant tea bowls and large platters influenced by traditional forms and glazes elevate the commonplace object of dinnerware to the level of creative expression.  Teapots, tea cups, and creamers that showcase whimsicality either in their shape or surface embellishment provide moments of punctuation and bring levity to the table setting.  Plates, bowls, covered containers, and vases sporting riotous colors or decorative patterns sever as focal points and topics of conversation at the dinner table.  Always playing to an audience, these domestic tabletop objects represent the civility, familiarity, and daily ritual of the dining experience.  They also reflect on the long and rich history of functional pottery and celebrate the ceramic form for its sensuality of material and containment of meaning.

2010 Minnesota Scholastic Art Award

Sunday, January 3rd, 2010



 M225eaa3941563679fa4deaf1fc0fd5f9 Mbdd2337776427d1b2549efa589ccc302


I just finished judging the Minnesota Scholastic Art Award (MSAA). The MSAA is a statewide regional affiliation of the National Scholastic Art Awards, which offers recognition of creative teenagers and scholarship opportunities for graduating high school seniors. Every year it’s hosted by MCAD, Minneapolis College of Art and Design. It was an enormous job looking at 1,232 pieces of artwork, made by 7th through 12th graders separated into seven categories: Painting, Drawing, Ceramics-glass, Printmaking, Mixed Media, Photography and Video/Film/Animation. The Gold Key winning artwork will then continue on to the National Scholastic Art Award competition in New York.

It’s amazing the amount of quality artwork that was submitted. As an art teacher, that also, submits students work into competition, I regretted every time I didn’t give an award, because I know that the teacher had confidence in the student’s artwork, and the student was proud of what they made. But Minnesota has a wealth of very talented young artists. I am deeply honored to have juried this year this year’s Scholastic Art Award.

These are a few of my favorites!  Good Luck Guys!!!

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Plains and Peaks Great Lakes In-flight Magazine December 2009

Monday, December 7th, 2009

plains and peaks cover1

plains and peaks plains and peaks page2

plains and peaks last

It was an honor to be asked to be featured in Peaks and Plains Great Lakes In-Flight Magazine, but then I found out I was chosen to be on the cover, I was thrilled.  Thank You Peaks and Plains!!!!

Digital Cover Girl

Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

Great Lakes Airlines Website

On Monday I found out I was going to be on the cover of Peaks and Plains Great Lakes In-Flight Magazine. But I still haven’t seen the magazine in person. I have seen it in digital form several ways. Here it is on the Peaks and Plains website.

I’m so excited to see the magazine. Maybe this is a big hoax and I’ve fallen for it hook, line and sinker. But for now I’m thrilled to see on their website.

Among Friends Too

Friday, November 20th, 2009

It’s that time of year again. We are having our Among Friends Show and Sale. This year it will be at 714 Sun Valley Dr. Saturday, December 5, from 12 – 7.

Check out Chad’s and Maura’s Blogs.

Creative Spaces: Art For The Home

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

Reception Tuesday November 24, 5- 7.

“Creative Spaces is an annual favorite at the Lincoln Center. The focus of this exhibition is on the artful home. From furniture to flower vases, these unique objects will allow you to express your own style and set your home apart. All objects are available for purchase, created by local, regional and national artists.”

I am very excited to be a part of this fabulous functional exhibition, please stop by to see everyone’s artwork.