Connie Norman
Connie Norman

Wordless Wednesday

December 12th, 2012

Jonathan Kaplan @ Laramie County Community College

December 4th, 2012

My dear friend Jonathan Kaplan had a show at Laramie County Community College last month.  If you are a regular reader of this blog you will know that Jonathan is the owner of Plinth Gallery in Denver, Colorado.  (It is also one of the galleries that I have my work.)  Jonathan’s solo show named Ceramic Forms was up for the month of November, and it was a fantastic show.  Jonathan explored three forms for his show, the double walled basin, the teapot and the tray, and many of his pieces were standing on his trademark plinth.  I am proud that world class ceramics graces our town upon occasion.  Jonathan also gave the students of LCCC a workshop.  I really enjoyed his workshop, it was funny and extremely informative.

I’ve taken many workshops at Plinth Gallery and also taught one, and Jonathan is clearly in charge there but after introductions he becomes a part of the audience. But the biggest reason I loved Jonathan’s workshop was got to see him front and center teaching and explaining his work.  It was great to see Jonathan as workshop guru!




Miss July Again!!???!!!??

December 1st, 2012

Wow!  I never thought I could be Miss July twice!  But once again I can call myself Miss July 2013.  (click here to see Miss July 2012) One of my vases has been chosen to be in the 2013 Potters Council General Collection Calendar!!  I’m thrilled to be published with so many beautiful pots; I hope you take some time to check out all the calendars, there are six calendars in all.  If I wasn’t in the General Collection Calendar I would have a really hard time choosing which calendar to buy.   But now I know what I’m getting everyone for Christmas!  And you guessed it my vessel is July!


I wrote an article for School Arts Magazine.  It is featured in the December’s 2012 issue.   It’s a lesson that I have taught at Anderson Ranch Arts Center and in my classroom at Carey Jr. High.  The age group that I worked at the Ranch was 5th and 6th graders, and the sea creatures came out rather well.  But the ones pictured in the article are from my classroom at Carey.  I always think I should write up my lessons but I can’t even keep up with my blog, and the writing I do for my blog is usually just super quick notes that I throw up as a post.  So, I am proud of myself of getting on lesson written up and published.  Hopefully I’ll do it again.  If you want a bigger image of the article follow this link here. 

Holiday Sales

November 29th, 2012

Bonnie Lebesch’s Holiday Studio Sale

I will also be a part of the Bonnie Lebesch’s Holiday Studio Sale. Bonnie has invited four artists to exhibit with her at her home studio, Shana Salaff, Laurie Beth Zuckerman, Lili Francuz and myself. It will be a nice variety of work.

 I hope to see you in Ft. Collins, Colorado on December 1

 120 Mathews St. 11 – 4 PM.

The Duck Barn is in full swing now!
I have been invited to the Duck Barn Artisans Holiday Sale in Cheyenne, Wyoming. The Duck Barn has been the pinnacle Holiday Art sale for Cheyenne the last 30 years. They feature dozens of local artists and I’m just delighted to be asked to part of the show! The Duck Barn’s sale runs for three weeks, so you’ll have plenty of time to see the show.

The Duck Barn will run from November 23 to December 15.
10 AM to 5 PM Monday – Saturday, in downtown Cheyenne
315 West Lincolnway.

Each year a group of local artists, “the Ducks,” gather their items in a retail location here in town.  The Ducks invite approximately 30 artists to show with them, so it is a super nice variety of art and Christmas decorations.

Here are a few pictures from The Duck Barn Shop.

Here comes the circus!

November 15th, 2012

A few weeks ago we went to the Family Fun Circus.   I was very surprised when we pulled up and the circus was in the extremely old tent, it was a one ring circus, the benches were wooden and I’m pretty sure that they were around in the 1930’s.  Now that we have a child I have taken Van to the Shrine Circus every year and they rent out the Laramie County Community College horse area.  It’s very much a modern day three ring circus, and the parents pay at every turn.

I really felt like I was stepping back in time when I walked into the circus tent.  There were no bad seats in the tent, but we were in the front row.  And there was not much in the way of seating anyway; they had very few benches to sit on.  I felt like when we walked out of the tent we would be transported back to the 1940’s, where every man wore a hat and the ladies all had victory rolls and pin curls in their hair.  Here are some pictures of the performers.

Wordless Wednesday

November 14th, 2012

National Adoption Month in November!

November 1st, 2012

If you read my blog regularly then you know that adoption comes up frequently, especially Ethiopian adoptions.  November is National Adoption Month.   If you have an adoption story I would love to hear your family’s story.  How did you come to be a family? How does it feel to be an adoptive family? Or, how does it feel to be adopted?

These pictures are from African Caribbean Heritage Camp, which our family went to this summer.  It was great to share with so many families who have adopted from Africa and the Caribbean, I was amazed that families came from so many places, Arizona, New Jersey, Europe, Colorado and of course Wyoming was well represented with four families in attendance.



Wordless Wednesday

October 31st, 2012

The Best of 500 Ceramics: Celebrating a Decade in Clay

October 24th, 2012


About a year ago I was asked to be one to the jurors for The Best of 500 Ceramics: Celebrating a Decade in Clay.  This is a giant milestone for me, I was thrilled to be juried into 500 Vases, but never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be published in a decade book  of ceramics, but to be asked to help pick the work that went in to it.  In my usual manner I said, “Yes, I would love to do that!”  But, I didn’t think about how hard it would be to comb through the last ten years of Lark’s 500 Series books on Ceramics.  My assignment was to choose five of my favorites and write a few words.  I set out with my sticky notes and soon I had around hundreds of little tabs sticking out the all the books.  This was going to be a daunting task, and I haven’t even started writing yet.  Well, I as you can see I did finally did get my selections down to five and I did manage to write a few words on each.  I am honored to be asked to be part of The Best of 500 Ceramics, not only to have two of my images in the book, but to have my very top five choices included with my thoughts of the each work.  Yes, this was an extraordinary milestone for me!

Here is what Lark Books had on their website about The Best of 500 Ceramics.

“Rather than simply pick and choose our favorites from the past decade, we invited many of the best jurors and artists in the field to select their favorites for The Best of 500 Ceramics. We also encouraged jurors to pen a few words on why they thought a particular piece was the best of the best. The result is a book with a layer of thought and contemplation new to the 500 series. For many artists, having a prominent figure in the field comment upon their work was one of the most exciting parts of this project.”


Cheyenne Chapman Rudolph

Wesley Anderegg

Jennifer Allen

Melody Eliis

Kristen Kieffer




The Boneyard

October 6th, 2012

The Boneyard @ Casper College

The Boneyard is a very intimidating place to be, especially if you’re me.  Casper College has this amazing, overwhelming, awe inspiring collection of bisque ware; the mark of 40 plus years of visiting artists.  Representing such artists as Val Cushing, Joe Bennion, Chuck Hindes, Clary Illian, Kathy Kerns, Jenny Lind, Kurt Weiser, Alleghany Meadows, and list goes on with many more well-respected incredible artists.  Lynn Munns for 35 years had two visiting artists a year come in give workshops, now Mike Olson has continued that tradition.  When I accepted the offer to be a visiting artist, I blanked out about the Boneyard.  I’ve even been to the Casper College’s Pot shop many times.  I was super nervous about teaching a workshop, and completely spaced the boenyard.  When I got to  Casper and started setting up for the workshop, I was totally focused on getting pots made so they would be leather hard for the workshop, that it didn’t sink in.  The second day of the workshop Mike says to me, “That one is going in the Boneyard right?”  Then tunnel vision happens to me, you know kind of like when in the movies everything fades away, and goes really far away with blurry stuff in the middle.  That’s what happened to me, and looked down and I had totally screwed up on my lettering, it was going at a colossal slant and I thought I could line it up, but the more lines I did the worse it got, then I was out of time and I had to pack up and go home.  More so Mike had to go home, I think I would have made a whole new one and stayed at Mike and Amber’s house for a few more nights before giving him the piece of dog doo that I gave him.  Actually I really needed to go home my husband was and still recovering from phenomena, and watching an extremely energetic five year old does not work well when you are trying to rest.   BUT, I am planning my bait and switch, I’ll have to figure out how to distract Mike, clay trap overflow, low fire clay in a high fire, raku fire accident, or maybe a kiln explosion.  What should my tactic be?  Any suggestions?

The Boneyard close up @ Capser College

Well, anyway here’s my very unsatisfactory vessel in the Boneyard next to Frank Saliani on the left and Jim Brashear on the right.


My vessel and bowl!


 Thanks to Mike Olson for the great pictures of the Boneyard!