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The Boneyard

Saturday, October 6th, 2012

The Boneyard @ Casper College

The Boneyard is a very intimidating place to be, especially if you’re me.  Casper College has this amazing, overwhelming, awe inspiring collection of bisque ware; the mark of 40 plus years of visiting artists.  Representing such artists as Val Cushing, Joe Bennion, Chuck Hindes, Clary Illian, Kathy Kerns, Jenny Lind, Kurt Weiser, Alleghany Meadows, and list goes on with many more well-respected incredible artists.  Lynn Munns for 35 years had two visiting artists a year come in give workshops, now Mike Olson has continued that tradition.  When I accepted the offer to be a visiting artist, I blanked out about the Boneyard.  I’ve even been to the Casper College’s Pot shop many times.  I was super nervous about teaching a workshop, and completely spaced the boenyard.  When I got to  Casper and started setting up for the workshop, I was totally focused on getting pots made so they would be leather hard for the workshop, that it didn’t sink in.  The second day of the workshop Mike says to me, “That one is going in the Boneyard right?”  Then tunnel vision happens to me, you know kind of like when in the movies everything fades away, and goes really far away with blurry stuff in the middle.  That’s what happened to me, and looked down and I had totally screwed up on my lettering, it was going at a colossal slant and I thought I could line it up, but the more lines I did the worse it got, then I was out of time and I had to pack up and go home.  More so Mike had to go home, I think I would have made a whole new one and stayed at Mike and Amber’s house for a few more nights before giving him the piece of dog doo that I gave him.  Actually I really needed to go home my husband was and still recovering from phenomena, and watching an extremely energetic five year old does not work well when you are trying to rest.   BUT, I am planning my bait and switch, I’ll have to figure out how to distract Mike, clay trap overflow, low fire clay in a high fire, raku fire accident, or maybe a kiln explosion.  What should my tactic be?  Any suggestions?

The Boneyard close up @ Capser College

Well, anyway here’s my very unsatisfactory vessel in the Boneyard next to Frank Saliani on the left and Jim Brashear on the right.


My vessel and bowl!


 Thanks to Mike Olson for the great pictures of the Boneyard!

Casper College Workshop

Thursday, September 27th, 2012
  • Casper College - Adding Text Casper College - Adding Text
  • Casper College - Adding text Casper College - Adding text
  • Casper College -adding text Casper College -adding text
  • Casper College - Cutting a tape stencil. Casper College - Cutting a tape stencil.
  • Casper College- Adding Text Casper College- Adding Text
  • Casper College - Cutting a tape stencil Casper College - Cutting a tape stencil
  • Casper College - Cutting a stencil. Casper College - Cutting a stencil.
  • Casper Collage - Adding Text Casper Collage - Adding Text
  • Casper Collage - Adding Text Casper Collage - Adding Text
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  • Casper College Workshop Casper College Workshop


I’m back from Casper College!  My workshop went well.  I am pleased how things turned out anyway!  The students of Mike Olson’s ceramic classes made me feel very welcomed.  They seemed to be interested in my techniques.  I have one college kid come up to me and say, “I have to leave to study for a math test.”  Then he didn’t leave and he came back to me and said, “Connie Norman only will be here once I’d better stay.”  That statement made me feel pretty good.  I do enjoy teaching workshops.  I always learn tons from the students in the workshop; I feel they are always a great exchange of ideas.  I always come back with great ideas and really feeling recharged.

Words at Your Disposal- Casper College

Saturday, September 1st, 2012


Here are some pictures from my show “Words at Your Disposal” at Casper College.  I haven’t seen the show yet, but I was sent these pictures.  I’ll travel up to Casper on September 20 to give an artist’s talk @ noon, and a closing
of the show.  Then on September 21 & 22 I will give a two day workshop, that is free and open to the public.  This is my second show at Casper College the last one was in 2006.  I am much honored to be asked back!  Thank you so much Mike
Olson the ceramics instructor and Valerie Innella the gallery director.  I am flattered that you trust me again with the gallery and your students!

This show has work I mostly made over the summer, but I threw in a few older pieces for a varitey of sizes.

September 20 Artist Talk and closing reception @noon.

September 21 & 22 Workshop

New Work – For Casper College, 17th Street Art Festival & Pots at Rest!

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

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ConnieNorman-Exhibit_poster12 copy

My Show At Casper College opens August 20.  And I will be giving an artist talk at noon.  If you live in Casper, please come by to say hi!


17th Street Art Festival is this Friday and Saturday!

Friday August 17, 5 – 9PM
Saturday 18th 10AM – 8PM
The inaugural 17th Street Arts Festival, located at the new Dinneen Downtown Plaza in Cheyenne, will feature dozens of visual and performance artists, children’s activities, food and fun. The festival begins Friday night, August 17, 5 -9PM with an Artist Preview Reception, including performances by local artists and a wine tasting bar, everyone is welcome. Then all day Saturday, August 18, from 10 a.m.–8 p.m., enjoy visual and performance art, a children’s area complete with bounce house, all day family arts and crafts, and local art exhibits.



Pots at Rest @ The Clay Studio

August 17 through September 30, 2012
A dream come true, one of my plates will be part of a group show at The Clay Studio in Philadelphia. It will be a part of Pots at Rest, a multi part project titled MADE BY HAND, exploring the relevance of handmade tableware in the 21st century. The Clay Studio invited eight mid-career ceramicists to curate the exhibition. Each artist was assigned a piece of furniture where their pots would rest. At Elizabeth Robinson’s invitation my plate will rest on a dish rack with several other ceramic artists! Thank you Beth for this amazing invitation!

Here is mine!


When it rains it pours.  All these shows are just days within each other.  Whew!

Matt Kelleher and Shoko Teruyama’s workshop

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

Recently I went to Casper College for Matt Kelleher and Shoko Teruyama’s workshop.  It was great to see how well they worked together, with just a look and sometimes a nod; they knew when the other one was finished talking and the other could go and do a demo.  It was interesting to learn that they work all day long in the studio next to each other.  And they are starting to collaborate on projects.  I loved Matt’s gentle and philosophical ways, his pots is just like him calm and tender and steeped in history.  I have been a big fan of Shoko’s work for awhile, I really appreciated being able to see her make in the flesh.  Well without further ado here are some pictures of the fabulous workshop!  If you are able to take a workshop from these guys I highly recommend it!!

Of course a couple of pots followed my home!  I’ll have to resume my ABC’s pottery and add them to my collection!