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Tasfa Ethiopia

Monday, September 13th, 2010

As many of you know my husband and I adopted our son from Ethiopia.  After traveling to Ethiopia and we saw firsthand the bleak conditions of the orphanages.  The children have so little.  I am donating two bowls to Tasfa Ethiopia.  I hope my bowls raise massive amount of money for them.  I know it won’t be massive, but I hope it helps.  In Amharic, Ethiopia’s primary language, “tasfa” means “hope.”

One day before leaving for Ethiopia I ran into the (EOR) Ethiopian Orphan Relief Blog, they are located in Denver which is an hour and a half from us.  It is a great blog if you’re interested in Ethiopia and adpotions.  I’ve enjoyed reading their blog over the  months. 

In 2009, EOR performed these projects in Ethiopia, thanks to donor support:

  • ·         Built a playground at an orphanage for HIV-infected children
  • ·         Funded a four-year rental for a center serving orphaned teenage girls.
  • ·         Stocked a newly built medical clinic at an orphanage with essential equipment, medications and supplies.

For more information also visit Ethiopia Orphan Relief’s website.