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The Winner is…..

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

The Winning Ticket

Van showing off one of the winning tickets!

  Our son Vander drew the winning tickets for my raffle at Plinth Gallery Sunday morning! 

I want to thank everyone that bought a raffle ticket; it was so generous of you.  Your support will go a long way for the needy.  A little over $1,300 dollars was raised, which will go for much needed supplies.  This was more than I ever expected!!  I would like to especially thank Jonathan and Dorothy at Plinth Gallery; they were especially instrumental in this endeavor. 

Since everyone was extremely generous, I decided to add two more pots into the drawing.  So, there was a first, second and third place winner.  Again, many thanks to those that want to make a difference in the world, I can’t express my gratitude. 

And the winners are…. 

1st place for the vessel Anya Peterson-Fray, 2nd second place Jennifer & Fred Rife, 3rd place Roberta Hawks!! 


In other but related news….
I am very honored that Ethiopian Orphan Relief, Inc. asked me to make a bowl, for the inaugural Lights of Hope Ambassador Award. Here is John and Anne Ferguson receiving their award.  Congratulations!

Ethiopian Orphan Relief, Inc. has long recognized the importance of the commitment to their donors and the orphaned and vulnerable children in Ethiopia. The Lights of Hope Ambassador Award recognizes a donor for their extraordinary commitment to supporting children in Ethiopia.

This year at Lights of Hope in Portland, Oregon they celebrated the inauguration of this award.

This award also reflects all that is great in people and how with their support of Ethiopian Orphan Relief we have been able to help so many of the orphan and vulnerable children in Ethiopia.

For more information: please visit their blog.
Lights of Hope Ambassadors

Lights of Hope Ambassadors Award for Ethiopian Orphan Relief


And my friend Abi Aldrich Paytoe Gbayee, saving the world one Band aide at a time!  She collection band aides for me to take to Ethiopia!  Thanks Abi for all your hard work! 

Tasfa Ethiopia

Monday, September 13th, 2010

As many of you know my husband and I adopted our son from Ethiopia.  After traveling to Ethiopia and we saw firsthand the bleak conditions of the orphanages.  The children have so little.  I am donating two bowls to Tasfa Ethiopia.  I hope my bowls raise massive amount of money for them.  I know it won’t be massive, but I hope it helps.  In Amharic, Ethiopia’s primary language, “tasfa” means “hope.”

One day before leaving for Ethiopia I ran into the (EOR) Ethiopian Orphan Relief Blog, they are located in Denver which is an hour and a half from us.  It is a great blog if you’re interested in Ethiopia and adpotions.  I’ve enjoyed reading their blog over the  months. 

In 2009, EOR performed these projects in Ethiopia, thanks to donor support:

  • ·         Built a playground at an orphanage for HIV-infected children
  • ·         Funded a four-year rental for a center serving orphaned teenage girls.
  • ·         Stocked a newly built medical clinic at an orphanage with essential equipment, medications and supplies.

For more information also visit Ethiopia Orphan Relief’s website.