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Brought to you by the letter G – ABC’s of Ceramics

Thursday, March 7th, 2013

 The Letter of The Day: G

Back with the ABC’s of Ceramics.  Today we have the letter G, with Gillian Parke, Gail Kendall

and Jim Gottuso. 

(This is my one of my New Year’s resolutions; to finish this series – The ABC’s of ceramics!)

G is for Gillian Parke!

My husband bought me Gillian Parke’s vessel for Christmas few years ago and then her work landed on the cover of Ceramics Monthly.  When he saw her pot on the cover he was so proud of himself!  Todd gets me nice pots for gifts, but he was vey happy with this one.   I do I love her work.  Her pots remind me of lot of the pots I saw in Japan, with the feldspar inclusions.

My son and I went out on a cold and windy day to find a place to photograph the G entry, Vander has gone with me on most of these adventures.  We tried several spots before we found the right photograph that was going to work for her beautiful pot.

G is for Gail Kendall.

I got these  two of Gail Kendall’s pieces when years ago, I took a workshop with her at Anderson Ranch Arts Center.  I love the fact that she is a complete hand builder!

I was trying to figure out what would be a great shot for Gail’s olive dish and it dawned on me it looked like a submarine,  then I had to convince Vander to stay still for the shot, always a hard feat.

G is for Jim Gottuso.

Jim Gottuso’s tumbler I bought for my husband because he always complains that cups and mugs are not made for his hands.  He always looks for the biggest handle, even if it out of proportion and looks a bit odd.  When I saw this tumbler I thought finally a cup that Todd can use that will fit his hand!

Check out Jim’s interview, he was one of the first artist’s interviews on my blog.

Check out his interview here!

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