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Thursday, January 10th, 2013

In Cheyenne we have a monthly art tour called Art Design and Dine, it runs for nine months of the year.  The tour is on its respite now; the Nagel Warren Mansion is hosting the show Encore, with the some of the artists that have had work this past year on the Art Tour.  Encore opens January 1 and will run through March!  Thirteen regional artists are represented Mack Brislawn, Jeanie Schlump, Gail Watford, Jennifer Rife, Do Palma, Dave Roswell, Georgia Roswell, Vanda Edington, Don Edington, Christi Beckmann, Win Ratz, Julie Nighswonger and me.

Among Friends Part 3 – Jennifer Rife

Friday, November 26th, 2010

Jennifer Rife Among Friends Guest Artist

Check out Jennifer’s Artist page on Facebook.

I grew up in rural southeastern Colorado in a family of do-it-yourselfers who fostered creativity and provided unlimited materials.   My favorite materials were scraps from mom’s sewing and leather projects and the dirt in the backyard.  These materials are now the basis of my work in the forms of hand-dyed silk noil, leather sides and clay.

 As a result of renovation projects on my 86-year-old home in Cheyenne, leftover hardware and plumbing parts have also found their way into my pieces.  Hardware stores double as art supply stores for me and I find all sorts of materials in their aisles.  Pine needles and other natural materials in my garden also creep into my work and provide continual inspiration.

 My collegiate studies in art history have influenced me greatly over the years.  All those memorized images and subsequent trips to art museums and iconic sites are burned into my memory.  Some have influenced me more than others, and I find myself most attracted to ancient, tribal and abstract expressions, and color, color, color! 

 I’m also attracted to stories – in any medium: they contain memories and experiences.  Each of my coiled sculptures and vessels contains a story, though it is not a literal telling. The large sides of leather I use are marred by scars, causing me to consider the story behind each mark.  They make me think of my own skin and my scars that hold stories. 

 Through the materials, colors and shapes I use, I aim to stir each person who encounters my work and to evoke their own memories and stories. 

This one is in my collection!!