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Love An Ugly Box! Reduce * Reuse * Recycle

Thursday, January 14th, 2010


Love an ugly box 027


My very good friend Daren Clary designed this logo for me to stamp on my very Ugly boxes.  I’ve decided to try to reduce my carbon foot by reusing what I can.  I am recycling all my boxes when I ship my pottery.  I really struggled with reusing my boxes, when a customer purchases one of my pots, I want to look professional, and make a good impression when it arrives at it’s new home.  Yes, a brand new box looks prettier, but seconds after the moment of excitement, you probably break it down and throw it away.  

With the help of my husband Todd, and with Daren’s great logo.  I feel much better about sending an Ugly box to my customers.  So now I say, “This box may be ugly, but you know that it’s been reused and to me reducing our carbon foot print is more beautiful than even the nicest packaging!!!