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Lander Art Center –Potters of the Wind Rivers (POWR) Workshop!!

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

IMG_0862 I had a wonderful time in Lander giving the Potter’s of the Wind River (POWR)  a workshop.  It was a two day workshop last weekend.  Lander is about four hours from Cheyenne.  And it is the home of NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School).  When you arrive in Lander you notice something is a little different there, for a Wyoming town of almost 7,000 people.  It’s not your average conservative Wyoming town.  Because of NOLS Lander looks like and acts like it is a small Boulder, Colorado.  The people either are super athletic outdoorsy type or ranchers.  It is a very interesting mix.

I really love Lander, especially after this last visit.  All 15 spots filled in the workshop, and most of the people were experienced potters.  The pressure was on I had show them something new.  Thank Goodness I had a few tricks that no one had seen, such as my love of decorating with office supplies.

I started off showing everyone my glazing techniques, and my love of office supplies.  We spent the day glazing and did a quick fire that night, so everyone could see the results the next morning.  I did everything backwards for this workshop.  We glazed the first day and then made things the second day, I figured I do everything backwards this just made sense to me.


Here I’m showing everyone my deep dark secret.  Garage sale dots and a paper punch.

summer 2010 052summer 2010 048

Here are pictures of everyone working away.

summer 2010 057

Some of the stuff that came out of the kiln.

summer 2010 065

summer 2010 067

The second day of the workshop building stuff with slabs, and getting your aggressions out.

IMG_0842 IMG_0846

Thanks to Deborah Britt and all her hard work getting me to Lander, I got to have a great time meeting new people, hang out and talk a ton about ceramics.

I have a few interviews that are waiting to be published.  Because of our recent computer problems I wasn’t able to get them out.  I even lost one when my hard drive crashed.  (Sorry Paul!)  But I think everything is resolved now!!  I hope.  Look for interviews from Paul Barchilon, Shelia Hrasky, Melody Ellis, Bebe Alexander, and Lisa Pedolsky.