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New Plates and Salt & Pepper Shakers

Monday, February 28th, 2011


All the salt and pepper shakers together.

The first four plates are salad or dessert plates.

This is my first attempt at making plates….So what do you think?


Plenty of Love


Guilty Pleasures


You Are So Loved


This is The Year


This is the Year -  Dinner Plate and Salad/Dessert Plate.


This is the Year -  Dinner Plate and Salad/Dessert Plate and condiment bowl, that says I’m So Lucky.


This is The Year dinner plate alone.


Breathe Deeply


Invisible Strength


You Can’t Have To Much Sky


I’m So Lucky





A nice surprise this morning.

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011


Today I went blog browsing and I ran across my salt and pepper shakers on the (Mud) Bucket.   What a nice surprise.  Jesse Lu really did an elegant layout on her blog.  I love all her choices for her Setting the Table: Crisp Black and White post.  My favorites are Kathy King and Melissa Mencini.  Thanks Jesse Lu!

Experiments with glaze combos and photographing

Monday, June 14th, 2010


I was asked to make some salt and pepper shakers recently.  Someone asked why I never made salt and pepper shakers with the amber, green yellow combination.  Well, the answer is I’ve never thought to.  I think I was afraid that the green and amber glaze would run.  I love this combo in bowls.  Here are my experiments in that glaze combo on salt and pepper shakers. 

Also, I took these pics.  What do you think?  How do the images look?  What do you suggest for the next around of images.  I would appreciate all the help I can get.



The convoluted origins of my salt and pepper shakers

Friday, January 9th, 2009

It’s amusing how ideas come about.

Recently I was asked to be in “Salt” a fund raiser for the Carbondale Art Center in Carbondale, Colorado. I was extremely honored to be asked. Afterwards, when I came back down to earth, I had the realization I never made a salt and pepper shaker! A little panic set in as, I was sitting in my studio pondering salt and pepper shakers, distraught with my new venture. What shape should they be? How big do I make the holes? What words should go them?

CERF Tip of the Hat

CERF Tip of the Hat

All these thoughts obsessing me, my eyes landed on the miniature “hat” I made for Crafts Emergency Relief Fund, A tip of the Hat. Before I was asked to be in “Salt”, I was asked to be one of the artists for CERF. I was enormously honored to be a part of their 2008 collection. But making my “hat” for them put me in a massive quandary, I had never made a hat, nor had I made anything that small. I went through several hats, I made a baseball cap, I made a crown, and I made a jester’s hat. None of which, I thought represented my work or looked very good. As I sat dejected in my studio wondering what I had gotten myself into, I noticed one of my architectural style vessels it was stored upside down. I thought that kind of resembles a “hat”. I’ll try to make one of those for CERF.

Back to the studio and salt and pepper shakers, my ongoing epiphany, of the miniature “hat”, I had the realization the “hat” kind of resembles a salt and pepper shaker. And a new series was born…