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The September/October Issue of Pottery Making Illustrated is all about Surface Decoration!

Friday, September 9th, 2011

Where has the time gone??? I have so many things to blog about, but yet I’ve written NOTHING in a very long time! 

So I will start with my most recent topic….. I’ve had the pleasure of being published in Pottery Making Illustrated this month along with Jason Bige Burnett, Kristin Pavelka and Kate and Will Jacobson.   And a Big Congratulations to Jason for the cover art!!!

I was very pleased PMI contacted me and asked me to write about making one of my architectural vessels.  I went through the whole gamut of emotions, I was thrilled, I was ecstatic, and then I started thinking about actually writing the article, then the emotions were a little different, I was petrified, I was dizziness, I had wild heart palpitations, and then I finally started to write.

Writing my blog is a lot different, I just tell myself no really reads my blog and sometimes I don’t even proof read what I toss on my blog.  Well, I’m delighted that it is now in this September/October issue.  I hope all of you get something from the article.  (And when I say all you….I mean my imaginary readers…, especially now since I have not blogged in months.)

Coming Soon hopefully to my blog!  More on my trip to Ethiopia! Pictures from the workshop I taught at Plinth Gallery months ago.  Upcoming updates on NCECA’s Uncommon Ground: Impact and Influence at the Arvada Arts Center.  And also I am trying to take a group of artists to Ethiopia in a partnership with One Child Campaign and Project 117.