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“Take A Road Trip”

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

terra cotta-earthenware-tape resist-connie-norman

Here are some of my bowls that came out of the last firings for my DIA commission.  I filled the rest of the kiln with some bisque I had lying around.  I was ecstatic to the DIA project but, it’s really nice to get back to doing purely what I want to do.  I work in terra cotta and white earthenware.  When I glaze my terra cotta I fire the work at cone 05 and when I glaze fire the white earthenware I fire to cone 04.  I have fewer glaze combinations that I like with the terra cotta, I so I tend to work in white clay a little more.  But here are a few from the last firing. 

The text on the bowls; in order: “Take a Road Trip”, What Would You Do If You Could Not Fail”, “I Hate Liars, Yet I Lie.”

I just found out the four vessels I made for DIA are going to Mr. Mamoru Tsuchino, Mayor of Takayama, Mr.  Kenichi Kaba, President, Takayama City Council and to Mr. Tadao Shimohata, President, Takayama-Denver Friendship Association and Mr. Barry Hirschfeld who is the chairman of DIA’s Tokyo based Ascent to Asia committee.  Laura from DIA said she would send pictures when they get back from Japan.  I can’t wait to see them.