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Molly Run For Your Life!!

Friday, September 24th, 2010


Our friend Jeff Lee made this collage after our comical adventure last weekend. 

Last weekend Todd, Vander and I had quite the adventure.  We were on our way to Laramie, but were going to do a little hike with Vander at Vedauwoo, but unfortunately Van fell asleep on the way.  When we got there I volunteered to stay in the truck and let Van finish his nap, while Todd took Molly our Golden Retriever on a hike.  We were parked in parking lot/picnic area; you wouldn’t think a place to view a lot of wildlife.  As you guys can image sitting in a truck with a sleeping toddler is not the most exciting thing to do, so I pulled out a book.   After about 30 minutes or so, I hear Todd yelling MOLLY! MOLLY! MOLLY!  AND OTHER EXPLETIVES I don’t even look up from my book; I assume Molly is rolling in a fresh cow pie.  Since this is a passion of hers.   Then Todd runs up to the truck completely out of breath, I thought, “Oh, I didn’t realize Todd was going for a run.”  Todd looks at me and says, “I just got charged by a moose, with two calves.  Did you see?  Did you see the moose?”  I thought, “No, how could I see that? Moose don’t come out in the middle of day, especially in the parking lot.”  The story is moose was right in front of the truck, as Todd walked up the moose charged him running past the side of the driver’s side, to charge Molly.  That’s when Todd was yelling, then the moose saw Todd started charge him instead, Todd fell down, the moose ran right up to him, then veered off just as the she got to Todd.  I could have seen the whole thing, but I was sitting reading my book.  I was sitting just a few feet away from all the action and I missed everything.