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Governor’s Capitol Art Exhibition 2012

Thursday, July 5th, 2012


This year the Governor’s Capitol Art Exhibit new home was in the Hynds Building, instead of the Wyoming State Museum. The GCAE (Governor’s Capitol Art Exhibit) is a way for our state officials to pick out art work for their offices and to grow the art collections of our state buildings. All the artists in the show are from Wyoming, with Cheyenne having the most artists represented in this year’s show. The juror for this year’s show was Carl McQueary. I had two of my three pieces juried in!

An Instagram shot of my work at the Hynds.

During the reception I talked to David Newell, the curator for the State Museum and the organizer of the show, about why he choose to move the GCAE to the Hynds, he said that the show had out grown the Wyoming State Museum, and he couldn’t display oversized work at the museum. This year’s show represented 70 works of art and in the past the show has hosted around 50 pieces. But because of having to rent the Hynds this year’s show was only two days long rather most of the summer like it usually has been. For Cheyenne the reception is a big night, the Governor and First Lady make speeches, the purchase awards are announced, lots of elected officials are milling around. And the last big change they made was; if you were accepted to the GCAE then you were able to set up a booth in the next room with your artwork, called Artist Alley.

Reception @ The GCAE!

Now for my opinion, I have been in the GCAE many times. I have mixed feelings about all the changes this year. I don’t mind that David wants to mix things up, and this was great for the Hynds Building. Since the show helped to get more revenue and exposure for the Hynds, and maybe one step closer to achieve their goal of becoming an art center.  (Here is an earlier post about the Hynd’s Builiding.)

But,………………….. I was sad to see the show up for only two days, and the Hynds still needs lots of work, the walls are still in disrepair and the vent system is hanging down. David called the Hynds SoHo-esque, I think it is more like the movie Brazil. (Check out the post about here.) I went down the second day of the show to really see it since it is almost impossible to see art during a reception, there were lots of people there looking at art. So the two day event made people go down to see the show, instead of procrastinating all summer, then missing it all together.

GCAE reception

Here  are a few of my favorites from The Governor’s Capitol Art Exhibit.  If you are interested in seeing the whole show make the jump to this link.

Georgia Rowswell, Cheyenne, Wyoming

Tony James, Cheyenne, Wyoming

Michele Farrier, Alta, Wyoming

Ginnie Madsen, Laramie, Wyoming

Lynn Newman in Artist Alley.



17th Street Art Festival Call for Entries and Support the Cure

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012
Two entries with this post!
This year Cheyenne is starting the 17th Street Arts Festival.  I have been asked to serve on the committee to help start it.  I am hoping that many of you apply for the show.  The event will be held this coming August 17 and 18th, and will be under a large tent at the Dineen Plaza.  The Arts Festival will be held at the same time as RibFest, so there will be huge attendance.

17th Street Art Festival – Call For Entries

Entries Are Due By May 1, 2012!

Festival Is August 17-18 in Historic Downtown Cheyenne at The new 17th Street Dineen Plaza

Application materials postmarked May 1, 2012
Jury Fee $ 25.00
1. 4 images on a CD
2. List of images
3. Size 600 vertical x 800 horizontal pixels maximum
4. 300 dpi
Application materials returned with correct postage
10’ x 10’ Festival Booth, $200; After May 30, $250.
Contact:  Lynn Newman
Mail entries to Lynn Newman,  921 Ranger Dr., Cheyenne, WY 82009

The Artful Hand Gallery’s next show is Support the Cure.  All of us have made artwork with the brazier in mind.  I can’t wait to see what everyone has come up with!